Wednesday, November 3, 2010

.: am i tHat 50th fOlLowEr? :.

ermm...there is one blog that i've visited earlier..
then there's a new post that ask who will be the 50th follower...
so..here i am..
i am that 50th follower..
thanx for that special gift..hehe

erm..so i have to answer this blog owner's question??
ok..i'm cool..hehe...
so here it is..

1.how did u find me?
- becoz u visit me..and its my responsibilty..(maybe) to know u..hehe..
anyway thanx for visiting me..

2.why do u followed me?
-becoz u wanna know who will be ur 50th..so i am...hehe
and one more thing..u made this banner special for ur 50th..huhu

3.what do u think about my stupid blog?
-stupid??maybe not..
simple..love black(me too)..huhu

ok..that's all..
thanx for this chance....hehe

2 BuDaK pUrpLE:

matthew said...

thanks ieyla bcoz followed me..hee..
well,that award is for u..

Tomato Gurl's Life said...

wah tahniah dpt award follower ke 50 ;)