Sunday, April 25, 2010

.: HaPpY BiRtHdaY tO mE :.

now..the day has come..
umor pon da bertambah lg 1 angka..
thanx God..for all ur blessing to me..
nothing much different...
but there are several wishes that i've to achieve for this new age..
huhu..bile umor da meningkat,
ajal semakin dekat...lumrah hidup ni..
moge hari2 mendatang akan memberi lebih keberkatan dan lindungan drNya..
thanx for all dearest frens yg wish me birthday dr mlm smlm even smpai skrang...
thanx dear...really appreciate it...
may this new age give me a strength to be a better person...
thanx again..pray for our success...

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