Thursday, February 11, 2010

.:HapPY hOLidaY!!!!:.

gOinG baCk..nOt tO mY hOme..
i'Ve tO staY at My SistEr's HoMe..
My DaD,MuM & mY OnlY LiL siSteR wiLl gO tO "HoliDaY"
HuhU...i WaNna Go!!!!

iTs Ok..MaYbE neXt tiMe..
hUhu..(saD aCtuaLly)..
hOlidaY fOr 5 daYs...
what sHouLd i Do??
hOlidaY=asSigNmEnTs+1 mOrE miDterM afTer bReaK...
tHat's hOw sTudenT's LifE....
oK..sEE ya aFteR bReaK....
enJoY uR daY..
pRay fOr mY saFetY & suCcEss...

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